Maint Way Oy is a company providing machine tool service, repair, transportation, installation and maintenance services. Our premises are located in Lapua and we operate primarily in what was formerly known as the Province of Vaasa.

Our crew represents the best A grade quality. We are now looking to add to our numbers with equally skilled


We provide an independent, responsible job where even experienced professionals are given opportunities to develop. You are familiar with the mechanical implementations of machine tools and their control systems (Siemens, Fanuc, Heidenhain etc.), the basics of hydraulics and machine transportation and installation.


You may have obtained your qualifications through education or practice; the most important thing is your attitude and the skills acquired over time. We believe that the salary will meet your expectations.


More information is available from Antti Hietala, tel. +358 50 4440 142. Please send your open application either by e-mail to or by traditional mail to Maint Way Oy, P.O. Box 62, FI-62101 Lapua, Finland.



”Thanks to the preventive maintenance provided by Maint Way Oy, the utilization rate of the machinery is considerably higher, and also the number of random faults on these machines has decreased significantly. The money invested in preventive maintenance has paid for itself many times over. Highly recommended.”

Timo Yli-Opas, Production Manager


The Productive Way


SALES +358 10 322 5450

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