Guideway maintenance


We renew sliding surfaces and provide traditional manual scraping and machine scraping services.


In the majority of cases, it is possible to achieve at least the same level of shaft precision as when the machine was new, which is also the level that we aim for.


The outcome is as good as the service provider!


In machine scraping, we use high-quality Biax scraping machines.


As sliding surfaces, we typically use Turcite-B Slydway products. Components that need to withstand an exceptionally high load can be treated with e.g. Biplast material.


We can also replace linear guideways. If needed, we can deliver new guideways through our own channels.



”Thanks to the preventive maintenance provided by Maint Way Oy, the utilization rate of the machinery is considerably higher, and also the number of random faults on these machines has decreased significantly. The money invested in preventive maintenance has paid for itself many times over. Highly recommended.”

Timo Yli-Opas, Production Manager


The Productive Way


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